Rubio on roots of interop

In a series of entries, Daniel Rubio takes a look at approaches used for achieving Java and .NET interoperability without the use of web services, from messaging, CORBA to JNI. In effect, it is a look at the roots of application interoperability.

No web services for Java and .NET interoperability? - March 8, 2007

Although the web services stack - SOAP, WSDL, WS-* and Co. - will continue to be the preferred choice on which to build Java and .NET applications in order to guarantee interoperability, on many fronts, web services may not even be an option for many, for reasons ranging from the technical to the organizational.

The Messaging Way : MSMQ & JMS - March 15, 2007

Messaging is a popular technique for applications requiring asynchronous communication, and its same architecture which introduces an additional broker between client and server, also lends itself to support interoperability between Java and .NET applications, via a messaging provider.
The tried and true wrapper: CORBA - March 22, 2007

If interoperability was a necessity to enterprise software in the pre-web services era, CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) was in all likelihood at the top of the list for many. Similar to messaging, CORBA has had wide acceptance due to the different language/platform support it has garnered throughout the years, including : Java/Java EE, C++, C, COBOL, Python, among others.

Interoperability without the network: JNI, .NET & DLLs - Mar 30, 2007

A non-networked application may seem unthinkable in this day in age, but its often designed in this manner to satisfy everything from infrastructure limitations to thwart security breaches, in the context of .NET and Java interoperability, there are a series of considerations to take into account for achieving such cross-platform communication, some of which we will explore in this last entry on interoperability without web services.

Daniel Rubio is a software consultant with over 10 years of experience in enterprise software development, having recently founded Mashup Soft, a startup specializing in the use Web services for Mashups.