Energy Industry SOA interop initiative launched

Consulting giant SAIC has launched an initiative to create SOA interoperability standards within the energy industry. SAIC is inviting participation in this effort. The company has been working for over two years with BP and other energy companies in the definition, development and implementation of SOA interoperability standards. Earlier this year, SAIC sponsored an Energy Industry SOA Roundtable, where the need for a Web service interoperability standard was discussed. During this event, SAIC-client BP contributed a draft of a web service interoperability standard that has been adopted across the BP Group and was used as a source document for the recent PRODML V1.0 specification. A SAIC press release states that standards will enable interoperability and integration for utility companies of systems supporting the high-data volume requirements of industry initiatives such as advance metering infrastructure and automated demand response solutions.

Interop goes to a Social Networking party

We take a quick look at another aspect of interop tonight. People have been blogging for a while now, and their online personas are seeking to interoperate, unencumbered, with their sites and personas … Read more »

Identity Interop Fest in Spain

Last week the Burton Group sponsored a User-Centric Identity Interop event in Barcelona. Participants tested identity selectors and identity providers. CA, IBM, Microsoft, and WS02 were just some of the participants. A wiki outlines what happened. Included is a brief description of some profile issues. Is federated Identity on the Web someday in the offing?

Zend pushes PHP connections

From early on, Zend Technologies has been a prime driver of PHP in businesses, and its position became even more prominent when IBM, Oracle and Microsoft forged agreements with the company to further PHP platform integration. Earlier this month at its ZendCon conference, the company gave something of a progress report on its various alliances. Read more »

AJAX developers drive Web innovation - what about the browser makers?

AJAX experts Alex Russell and Joe Walker urge browser makers to take a more active role in the AJAX community’s efforts to bring advanced features to Web applications. We caught up with them at The AJAX Experience East conference in Boston. Read more »

Polyglot programming

Joe Ottinger writes on that polyglot programming has become a bit of a meme, with many pointing out how different languages bring different strengths. Polyglot, in this context, allows programmers to use scripting for some tasks, Java for other tasks, with other languages like C# providing other external services. Read more »

AJAX browser-side interoperability issues looming

The battle for AJAX standards could be another one of those to-the-death battles for the hearts and minds of developers. No less than Joel Spolsky predicts someone will write an SDK for AJAX apps with common user interface elements that work together. This SDK will have the same stronghold as Microsoft once had with Windows APIs. Read more »

DoD pursues information-sharing framework

Herndon, Virginia-based McDonald Bradley, Inc. announced it has been selected to perform
an interoperability study for the Department of Defense that will “define a future information-sharing
framework to serve the needs of the armed forces”. Read more »

St. Louis interop panel report

Weiqi Gao provided some interesting notes on a St. Louis .NET User Group meeting where the panel topic was ‘.NET Meets Java.’  One of the expected Java voices could not make it, so the .NET side had a bit of a better chance to be heard. The sides were 2-to-1. Read more »

Sample of Ajax interop

The OpenAjax Alliance’s activities include an Interoperability Working Group that focuses on how to combine JavaScript components from multiple Ajax toolkits within the same Web application. Microsoft’s Bertrand Le Roy describes the goal of the event as to demonstrate how different Ajax libraries can interact with each other through the OpenAjax hub, a JavaScript module that enables multiple Ajax runtimes on the same Web page. Read more »