December 2007

Data Documentation Initiative  (22)

November 2007

Energy Industry SOA interop initiative launched  (97)
Using Python within Java  (542)
Look Back: A View on Ruby, Visual Basic Commentaries  (88)
Python Mini-Learning Guide  (203)
Interop goes to a Social Networking party  (115)
DSLs: Let a hundred languages spring forth  (920)
Identity Interop Fest in Spain  (17)
Chiesa on WCF and SOA  (257)

October 2007

Is Ruby the New VB?  (650)
JDBC Learning Resources  (16)
Zend pushes PHP connections  (61)
AJAX developers drive Web innovation - what about the browser makers?  (513)
F# makes its way to VS.NET  (4)
What is SOA test? Parasoft SOAtest 5.5 has a notion  (316)
Eclipse-based pureQuery plug-in does Table-to-Java transforms  (115)
SQL Server Drivers for PHP  (31)
Web services stacks – Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)  (2)
To Run, Unmodified, on Java or .NET  (16)
Polyglot programming  (19)
AJAX browser-side interoperability issues looming  (17)
SOAP meets Message Transmission Optimization  (5)
Snowballs in the Netherworld  (3)
DoD pursues information-sharing framework  (26)

September 2007

Mark Pollack podcast discusses cross-cutting Spring framework  (62)
St. Louis interop panel report  (6)
Sample of Ajax interop  (6)
XAML in a world of interop – plus, Neward at TSSJS 2007  (17)
XAML in Java  (63)
Samba Learning Guide  (273)
Connector links Ruby programs with .NET environment  (50)
First Tango in customer-ville  (35)
Microsoft’s interoperability push with Sun, Novell  (14)
BizTalk integration server now NET 3.0-enabled  (14)
Virtual Machine Format (OVF) targets interoperability  (34)
REST scales, needs tools for SOA, XFire creator says  (8)
When ‘XML’ is not enough; Office Open XML wends through chambers of ISO  (81)

August 2007

SOA policy beyond Java and .NET  (29)
Codemesh technologist Alex Krapf on Interop  (38)
Reverse Engineering and the javanetx10.dll  (27)
.NET StockTrader and J2EE Interoperability  (14)
Can SOAP work with AJAX?  (25)
Adobe adds .NET interoperability to Cold Fusion  (110)
Web services interoperability using WebLogic  (28)
More non-Java languages on the JVM?  (1)
A look at Atom Interop  (2)
iPhone supports Open XML  (2)
Mini-Guide: REST (Representational State Transfer)  (72)
Specs from the Plugfest  (11)

July 2007

SOAP and High Performance: An Oxymoron?  (65)
Lam describes MS IronRuby at OSCON  (59)
MQ and JMS meet WCF  (39)
From ORBs to Web services  (33)
Run-time libraries with knowledge of Java and .NET  (184)
JInformation Card supports Apache Tomcat, Websphere and Sun Java servers  (4)
JNI and I - Krapf looks at .NET-J2EE interop  (37)
Getting CICS on the Enterprise Bus  (11)
WS Death Star sited at TSS Java Symposium at Barcelona  (615)
OSCON Interop Hack-a-Thon Project  (77)
Mini-Guide: Hibernate and NHibernate  (4244)
Project Tango: The Big Picture  (17)
Neward Interop Files  (11)
Mini-guide: Apache Web Services  (152)
Contract-First or Code-First Design - Part 5  (23)
Contract-First or Code-First Design - Part 4  (47)
Contract-First or Code-First Design - Part 3  (17)
Contract-First or Code-First Design - Part 2  (11)
Contract-First or Code-First Design - Part 1  (19)
Rubio on roots of interop  (8)
Web Services Policy 1.5 - Framework  (17)
The Search for the Common Code Base  (33)

June 2007

Interoperating and Bridging .NET-Java on Desktop  (212)
Bridging Java and PHP  (34)
Project Metro: the new name for the Web services stack from Sun  (17)
Neward on .NET and Java at JavaOne  (7)
Hibernate, NHibernate, drivers and data  (107)
Neward and Trenaman consider REST, or The Great and Complete SOAP vs POX Debate  (1002)
Microsoft hires Director of Linux Interoperability  (17)
SOAP vs POX Debate, Part Four  (25)
SOAP vs POX Debate, Part Three  (22)
SOAP vs POX Debate, Part Two  (30)
Stateful Web Services - They really work!  (690)
SOAP vs POX Debate, Part One  (102)

May 2007

Teamprise Java SDK to work with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server  (15)
Interop at Interop: MS expands Identity Metasystem push  (8)
Mini-Guide: Apache Web Services  (228)
GemStone spans .NET-Java-C++; creates ‘Data Fabric’  (20)
Microsoft discusses Interop at JavaOne  (20)
Tango Day at JavaOne: .NET 3.0 dances with Sun Glassfish  (203)
Neward, object data bases and ORM issues  (23)
IT shop looks past SOA to Windows desktop integration  (17)
Glassfish meets Excel at JavaOne  (135)
IBM and Mainsoft report on Opal implementation of .NET in JSR-168  (78)
Ruby support in .NET  (10)

April 2007

Stateful SOAP and beans  (173)
To invoke a WSIT endpoint from WCF  (7)
The Complete Contract-First or Code-First Design Files  (0)
Microsoft interop extensions and Sun GlassFish v.2  (4)
WS-I releases basic security profile  (2)
Contract-First or Code-First Design - Part 5  (13)
Contract-First or Code-First Design - Part 4  (3)
Contract-First or Code-First Design - Part 3  (1)
Contract-First or Code-First Design – Part 2  (6)
Contract-First or Code-First Design - Part 1  (379)
Tangosol ups the interop ante  (89)

March 2007

Interoperability without the network : JNI, .NET & DLLs  (406)
Interoperability without the network : JNI, .NET & DLLs  (129)
State of WS Interop Going Forward  (202)
A Look at the SpaceFacade Pattern  (48)
The tried and true wrapper: CORBA  (189)
‘Stinking Badges’ and Identity Software Services Interop  (311)
The Messaging Way : MSMQ & JMS  (952)
The Messaging Way : MSMQ & JMS  (83)
AES Interop Between PHP and Java  (73)
Think small: Microformats  (8)
No web services for Java and .NET interoperability?  (181)
Mulling upon repository interop  (6)

February 2007

Combining SOAP and ORM - Part 2  (302)
JAX-WS: Deployment Descriptor-free Programming  (124)
Combining ORM and SOAP - Part 1  (154)
Practical Interoperability  (13)
Interop Plugfest  (18)
Interop Mini-Guide  (22)
Articles  (13)
Archives  (10)
About  (17)
Web services and interop  (19)

January 2007

Blogging the Interop blogs -Framework versions; APIs evolve; Jagged arrays  (477)
Mainsoft: Interop mainstay  (34)
SOAP in/out variables bring memories of C-style buffers  (36)
A Rant of Sorts on Multiple .Net Web References  (139)

December 2006

Tango in Web services: Java and .NET 3.0 interoperability  (249)
A Dirt-Simple Web Service  (435)
Beyond Web Services, a look at bridging Java/.NET apps  (207)

November 2006

String encodings - another thorn in interop  (128)
A look back in interop  (11)
Interop Across the Wire  (3)
A look at out-of-proc or RPC interop  (41)
Interoperability: Check your politics at the door  (8)

October 2006

Get ready for TheServerSide Interoperability Blog  (4)
Inline XSD inclusion and WSDL  (28)
Java/.NET databinding  (3)
ColdFusion .Net Integration  (36)
j-Interop has reached Rel. 1.10 B  (179)
Interop Plugfest: SOAP, Tango, Glassfish and WSDL  (7)
Policy Assertion Namespace Change in WCF  (0)
Running Java on Vista Disabled Aero/Glass UI Effects  (6)
Call Java from Excel Services? Yes you can!  (27)