Is Ruby the New VB?

In a Guest Blog entry, SapphireSteel Software’s Huw Collingbourne writes about Ruby for TheServerSide Interoperability blog.  The Ruby programming bandwagon is picking up speed and both Sun and Microsoft have jumped onboard, he says. In a way, Ruby embodies many of the features that made Visual Basic so successful. It is not so much what Ruby does today that is causing all the excitement - but, rather, what it might do some time soon. Read more »

JDBC Learning Resources

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) has long provided a valuable API for connectivity between the Java programming language and a wide range of databases. It provides a call-level API for SQL-based database access. As of October 2007, there were 221 drivers for different databases. The latest version: JDBC 4.0 API. Read more »

Zend pushes PHP connections

From early on, Zend Technologies has been a prime driver of PHP in businesses, and its position became even more prominent when IBM, Oracle and Microsoft forged agreements with the company to further PHP platform integration. Earlier this month at its ZendCon conference, the company gave something of a progress report on its various alliances. Read more »

AJAX developers drive Web innovation - what about the browser makers?

AJAX experts Alex Russell and Joe Walker urge browser makers to take a more active role in the AJAX community’s efforts to bring advanced features to Web applications. We caught up with them at The AJAX Experience East conference in Boston. Read more »

F# makes its way to VS.NET

The list of .NET languages is getting longer. Just ahead of releasing the next version of Visual Studio, Microsoft development tool vice president Soma Somasegar announced that his division will work with Microsoft Research to integrate the F# language into Visual Studio. F# is a  project that looks to exploit functional programming techniques. Read more »

What is SOA test? Parasoft SOAtest 5.5 has a notion

What would it mean to have a SOA test product? Software vendor Parasoft is fielding a SOA tester known as Parasoft SOAtest 5.5, and on the main, it is SOA-ready because it holds a certain awareness of XML-related components. Read more »

Eclipse-based pureQuery plug-in does Table-to-Java transforms

The world expresses itself in more than one language and the same is true in software, mostly to the general benefit; because diversity and progress are the results. Right? No one doubts that .NET took a lot of its direction from Java, and Java built on C++. Now there may be a bit of pollination of Java originating from the .NET side. Or maybe not. Read more »

SQL Server Drivers for PHP

Lost amid the general tumult that ensued when the SQL Server 2005 team released a new JDBC driver was word that Microsoft has released a new SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP. Supported operating systems are Windows 2000 Service Pack 4; Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2; Windows Small Business Server 2003 ; Windows Vista; and Windows XP Service Pack 2. Read more »

Web services stacks – Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

As systems become more and more service-oriented, the importance of the connections between services and consumers of those services rises, Microsoft interop guru Dino Chiesa writes on He sees Windows Communication Foundation as a ready means to achieve services-consumers connections. Read more »

To Run, Unmodified, on Java or .NET

Richard Pawson writes that most of the interoperability discussion seems concerned with how to get software implemented on the Java platform to connect with software implemented on .NET, or vice versa.  But there is another potentially relevant discussion: how to write software that will run, without modification, on either platform. Read more »