Mark Pollack podcast discusses cross-cutting Spring framework

Earlier this year your humble TSS.NET reporter met with Interface21’s Mark Pollack in a noisy press room just off the show floor at Microsoft TechEd 2007 in  Orlando, Fla. As a major steward of Spring.NET, Pollack is at the center of some of the more interesting interop activity these days. TheServerSide Interoperability blog now makes a discussion with Pollack available in MP3 podcast format.

He talks about the Spring framework. Spring.NET is a .NET implementation of said framework that leverages years of work on a Java implementation of Spring that supports Aspect-Oriented (AOP) practices. Thus, Pollack is an individual whose expertise spans multiple platforms.

This framework may find a special role in mixed Java-.NET enterprises. With the .NET version of Spring, data access abstraction methods can extend beyond the Java platform, Pollack said. In effect, some .NET and Java developers may find a common ground, and this may reduce the inevitable ‘reinventing of the wheel’ common in many two-platform IT shops.

Keep tuned, the yearly Spring conference is set for December.

Mark Pollack on Spring.NET - MP3 Click on icon to listen to mark Pollack on Spring

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