First Tango in customer-ville

We have covered Metro Web services interop technology on this site, and thought we’d let you know that the related Project Tango is now at FCS -First Customer Shipment.  Ahead of FCS, Sun has worked with key customers to produce early interop apps using Tango and Metro.

As described by Harold Carr on his Sun blog: Tango provides the .NET 3.0 interoperability features built into the Metro Web Services stack. Besides including Tango, Metro includes the core JAX-WS platform and JAXB.

Although it is just at the FCSing phase, Metro has actually been put to use already. On his blog, Harold briefly discusses finance, telco and health care applications using the interop solution.

Here is a sampling of what he says people are doing.

A well-known telco has already deployed an international trouble ticketing system based on Metro. They implemented a subset of WS-Eventing and WS-Notification to push and pull trouble tickets between various partners. An interesting thing we added here was the ability for SSL information to be retained, end-to-end, in headers, even though the SSL transport was terminated at a load-balancer.

Tango FCS - Metro Web Services now ready for production use - Harold Carr blog

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