Web services interoperability using WebLogic

Over on BEA’s Dev2Dev site, Paul Done has provided some simple rules for ensuring Web services interoperability using WebLogic. Admittedly, most of the rules are pretty obvious, but he has produced drill-down blog posts that add further illumination.

The basic rules as described in Done’s blog are:

Use SOAP over HTTP. [He sees interop drawbacks with SOAP over JMS.]

  • Conform to the WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 by using the free WS-I Test Tool.
  • Expose Web Services using the “Document-Literal-Wrapped” style with the ‘dotNetStyle’ flag to help WS-I conformity and to be especially Microsoft product friendly.
  • Use the WS-* standards judiciously.
  • Don’t necessarily dismiss the use of WebLogic ‘add-value’ / ‘non-standard’ Web Services features at face-value. [He notates this admonishment with fair depth.
  • For SOAP/HTTP Proxies created in ALSB, activate the “WS-I compliance enforcement” option (for the development phase of the project at least).

Read it and reap.


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