Mini-Guide: Hibernate and NHibernate

By Brent Sheets
Posted by Jack Vaughan

Hibernate is an ORM [Object-Relational Mapping] service used to develop persistent Java classes. On the back of NHibernate, it’s popularity has spread to the .NET space as well. This has proved of special interest in IT shops that are working toward interoperability strategies that leverage the skills of developers who can handle both .NET and Java problems. No matter whether you’re an old pro or just starting to investigate object relational mapping, the resources I’ve gathered should help you learn something new. You’ll find quick links to official reference material and great tutorials for gaining hands-on knowledge. Dig right in. Read more »

Project Tango: The Big Picture

Arun Gupta has been describing the ins and outs of Project Glassfish and Project Tango for some time, and he has recently pulled together the key aspects of this emerging interop platform in a thorough document that provides an overview of Tango.

Project Tango is an open source implementation from Sun Microsystems of WS-* Web services specifications. Moreover, Tango benefits from considerable effort put into Tango by Sun and Microsoft to ensure it provides interoperability with .NET 3.0. Read more »

Web Services Policy 1.5 - Framework

WS-Policy defines a language for web service requirements and capabilities that can be used together with other description languages, such as WSDL. The Web Services Policy 1.5 - Framework is at Proposed Recommendation stage.

Is there a DL after WSDL?

The Search for the Common Code Base

By George Lawton
[Posted by JVaughan]
Mainsoft recently released its updated software tool, Mainsoft for Java EE, version 2.0, for enabling companies to automatically convert .NET applications into Java EE bytecode. Version 2.0 introduces support for Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2005 IDE, the .NET Framework 2.0, ASP.NET 2.0 controls, role-based security, and C# generics. Companies can use the tool to write their applications in C# or .NET code and compile it to any Java EE application server. Mainsoft also has a portal development version,  that specifically supports the IBM WebSphere platform and its associated portal.

Solutions like this can allow teams to support one common code base. In some cases this can lead to savings in developer-related expenses.

Healthcare finance application maker Urix has been using the Mainsoft software to port it’s a application out to the Java platform. Atul Mistry, vice president of Technology at Urix said that some of the company’s largest customers wanted to get access to the Urix application, but had a requirement that the apps run in Unix. He explained that the Mainsoft tools save them from having to support two code bases and having an engineering team that is split between the languages. Read more »